Project Management, an Advantage for African Managers.





It is necessary today for any African entrepreneur to understand the necessity of project management in their strategic growth.

Enhancing and developing the project management profession in Africa represents the fight of the project management institute (PMI) within

the framework of the conference "PMI Africa conference".

Indeed, the interest in project management is the stakes that this science represents for optimizing the growth of organizations,

companies and therefore the economy of the African continent.


Broadly defined as a set of tools, techniques and methods for coordinating and harmonizing tasks within a project,

project management is a pillar of any business.

The stakes are built around the management in terms of technical performance, quality, control of blows and control of deadlines.


The PMI Africa Conference is in its third edition, the first of which was held in

Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015, the 2nd in Accra Ghana in 2016, and will take place

 this year in Mauritius under the theme

 "Project Management and Sustainable Development - A Focus on Africa".


Previous conferences attracted over 300 delegates from around the world, including

 entrepreneurs, professors, politicians, humanitarians

and industry experts.


Bringing together hundreds of project, program and portfolio managers

from around the world, the African Conference of the Project Management Institute

offers three days of unparalleled professional development and networking.


CREATIV GROUP Bronze Sponsor of "PMI Africa Conference 2018"

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"What is project management?"

Qu’est-ce que le management des projets ?

Project management: what is it? what it consists? Why talk about? What are the steps?
First of all, a project is a temporary effort to create a product, a service or a single result. (Source: PMBOK).


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