"What is project management?"

Qu’est-ce que le management des projets ?

Project management: what is it? what it consists? Why talk about? What are the steps?
First of all, a project is a temporary effort to create a product, a service or a single result. (Source: PMBOK).

In this sense, the management of the projects still called project management is primarily the application of knowledge, skills tools and techniques to achieve the objectives set in order to satisfy the requirements of the project.
In other words, it is a strategic approach aimed at organizing the smooth running of a project from start to finish.

Concept still vague for the vast majority, yet it finds its place in some of our daily tasks, since hydraulic starting from the moment we set ourselves a goal, we design a project, and we become like a pregnant woman, to be followed until childbirth. The management of the projects at this time, becomes an absolute necessity for the success of our project. From that moment, it requires the presence of a "project manager" and the application of a set of processes and procedures predefined by the project management team.

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