Logistics, and especially the logistics of projects, is a complex exercise and a complete challenge. Logistics project requires a professional planning, a solid preparation for the predictable and a good management of the unpredictable.

We advise and bring a permanent or specific assistance in international commercial transactions and the transport of goods and miscellaneous equipment.
Our team-oriented and dynamic result, has a thorough knowledge of multimodal transport and the complex relationships in the coordination of customs clearance. We bring to our customers the expertise to plan and making them effective and sustainable transport for the present and future solutions.

We dedicate our services:

-The implementation of the customs exemptions and monitoring of compliance with the commitments taken at administrations
-To the Council of the client in the selection of incoterms
-Monitoring of SMS procedures, ANOR, and other Governments in the logistics process
-To the Council / choice of the various partners involved in the logistics chain (Bank, insurance, transport, customs, etc.)
-A coordination of the process of movement of goods and the assurance of meeting the deadlines
-Analyses, studies and various consultations linked to international trade.
-At the national supply management

Our assistance in international trade and logistics services are supported by the rapid growth of economic activities and the level of transport infrastructure in the sub region CEMAC.

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