Our activities:

-Mounting from various administrative records of creation of companies
Drafting of the statutes, constitution of the tax file, registration employer authorization for implantation and operation.

Each company in creation is restricted by a number of formalities: administrative (approval of implementation or operation under the case, hazard and emergency plan, environmental and social impact assessment, groundwater drawdown authority, authorisation of liquid effluent discharge, test and receipt of household gas pressure and water vapour), legal (drafting of the articles submitted to a notary ((, registration in the commercial register), tax (taxpayer's card, patent) a certificate of registration to the employer register)

-Legal advice in labour law and social security legislation
Social legislation is various and scattered and not control it expose the business to litigation. The cabinet can do consultations in labour law to advise our clients

-Drafting and monitoring of contracts of work, provision of services and industrial subcontracting
Definition of remuneration and work conditions comply with the law and collective agreements

-Formalities for workers expatriate
Establishment of entry visas, the mapping of stays, validation of employment contracts by the Ministry of employment and vocational training

-Follow-up of the CNPS formalities
Worker registration, constitution of records family and pension allowances retirement, management of occupational risks (declaration of industrial accident and occupational disease)

-Treatment and taxation of wages
Monitoring of the payroll and employers

-Drafting rules of procedure of the companies
Determining general rules concerning discipline and organization of work

-Procedures manuals and management guide
Need to define procedures and management practices in order to ensure the internal control of the company

-Development of the HR dashboards
Placing on feet of indicators allowing to have a translation on the behavior of labor and its impact on the result of the company

-Diagnosis, structuring and restructuring of enterprises
Update on feet reorganizations in order to adapt society to adverse economic situations either by transformations or mergers, the abandonment of a branch of activity see the cessation of the activity, the relocation of certain activities, the outsourcing of certain functions, etc.
-Setting up payroll software
Installation of a payroll processing software

-Representation to the Labour Inspectorate.
Each social conflict is subject to a prior conciliation before the labour inspector. As such, the client can be represented by the firm

-Support for obtaining various permits, authorizations and approvals (API, MINMIDT, MINEPDED, MoE, MINESEC, customs, MINTP, MINCOMERCE, etc...)
Various activities are subject to obtaining the permits, authorization and approvals. The cabinet is in charge of the administrative procedure up to grant those documents by the administration

-Accompaniment in the follow-up of the commitments
In general, commitments are entered into in the context of the permits, authorizations and approvals obtained by the company.
There is a need to ensure the respect of the commitments made before the administrative control

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