Services administratifs pour entreprises

The content of the various services offered by the CREATIV TECH Department is as follows:

-STUDY of the hazards and development of the emergency PLANS of the Ets CLASSES
It is a principle of industrial security of classified establishments with a preliminary inventory of the objects and activities with their intrinsic hazards followed by analysis of the risk of scenarios that could lead to events not allowed this to better manage these risks through prevention measures.

-Control and VERIFICATION equipment gas pressure and vapour pressure of water
It is a question of check tightness and resistance of the materials of each unit to pressure of gas and water vapor along the limits given by the manufacturer.

He is here to monitor the operation and the safety devices and control devices to effectively prevent any accidents.

-Environmental IMPACT studies and SOCIAL (SEIA)
It is a systematic examination to determine whether a project has or doesn't have an adverse effect on the environment.
Any promoter or owner of development projects, work, equipment or facility risk due to its size, nature, or the impact of activities that are practised on the environment affect the environment is required to perform according to the requirements of the specification an environmental impact and social to assess the direct impact or indirect of the project on the ecology of the area of settlement or any other region the framework and the quality of life of the surrounding populations and workers short of the impact on the environment in general.
NB: SEIT is done before putting into operation of the project.

Environmental and social audit is a systematic, documented evaluation and objective entity, structure and activities of the facilities of an establishment, their functioning and their environmental management system to ensure the protection of the environment.
It allows to enjoy in a manner periodic impact that all or part of the company has or is likely to have on the environment.
NB: the AES is the operation of the company.

The environmental management Plan and Social is defined as a programme implementation and monitoring of measures envisaged by the study of Environmental Impact and Social (SEIA) to remove, reduce and possibly compensate for the harmful consequences of the various projects of development on the environment.
NB: The monitoring of the PGES is all 06 months and is punished with a report.

An environmental permit for waste management is a document which authorizes any natural person or legal entity to exercise the activities of sorting, collection, transport, storage, recovery, recycling, treatment or final disposal of the waste.
The environmental permits mentioned include:
• The environmental permit for the sorting, collection, transport and final disposal of toxic and/or hazardous, waste medical, pharmaceutical and hospital waste liquid,
• The environmental permit for the sorting, collection, transportation, storage, recovery, recycling, treatment and final disposal of non-hazardous waste and liquid waste,
• The environmental permit for the collection, disposal, storage, recovery, recycling, treatment and final disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment,
• The environmental permit for the manufacture, import, marketing, or distribution of non-biodegradable packaging which will be a deep analysis in this first presentation.

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