Services administratifs pour entreprises


Conducting technical studies and offering industrial services.

Authorised by the MINEPDED and the MINMIDT, and specialized in conducting technical studies, the CREATIV TECH department carries out :

      ETS CLASSEShazard and emergency plans development studies  

This concerns classified institutions with a requirement to make a list of objects and activities relating to their inherent hazard, and equally an analysis of risks and scenarios that could end up in unwanted events, for the implementation of preventive measures .  

Social and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIES) studies

We are responsible for determining if your project may have harmful effects on the environment. This concerns development, work, equipment or installation projects, the level of activity, nature, direct and indirect impact of which may affect the ecological balance of the area where it is found.

Environmental and social audit (AES)

We carry out a systematic, documented and objective assessment of your activities, buildings, and facilities, their functioning and environmental management system so as to ensure their environmental friendliness.

PGES (Environmental and Social Management Plan) monitoring and evaluation

We design a program of implementation and monitoring of measures proposed by the Environmental and Social Impact Study (EIES) to reverse, alleviate and possibly compensate for the harmful consequences of various development projects on the environment after a period of 06 months. A report is issued at the end of such program.

Social and environmental impact assessments

Our Creativ Tech department also offers industrial services:

Inspections and checks of lifting and handling equipment

Monitoring of equipment security and functioning of control mechanisms, to prevent possible accidents.

Checking, refilling and re-testing of fire extinguishers;

Checking and re-testing of domestic and industrial Gas bottles;

Checking and re-testing of high-pressure gas or steam jet equipment ( compressors, boilers, air tanks, high-pressure laundries, hydrocarbons transportation and storage tanks etc…)

Control and inspection of hydrocarbons tanks and pipes.


     Weights and masses (check and calibration of scale balances and others weighing devices). 

     Temperature: check and calibration of  thermometers

     Pressure: check and calibration of  manometers

     Valve check and loading.

We assist you in the procurement of such permits as:

Environmental Permits

These include:

Environmental permit for toxic and/or hazardous waste (medical, pharmaceutical and hospital waste) collection, sorting, transportation and final disposal.

Environmental permit for non-hazardous waste and liquid household waste collection, sorting, recovery, storage, processing, recycling and final disposal.

Environmental permit for electric and electronic equipment waste collection, storage, disposal, recovery, recycling, processing and final destruction.

Environmental permit for non-biodegradable packaging manufacturing, importation, marketing or distribution after depth analysis. 


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