CREATIVGROUP SARL is an advice and services firm that offers design, management and business engineering services. We are dedicated to supporting investors in the choice and the efficient conduct of their affairs.

We provide a complete package of services to assist our clients in the installation and expansion of their business in Central Africa. We have a wide range of experts in quite varied fields of our activity.

Our CREATIVE team optimizes the activities of your company or your project while ensuring excellent quality and better results.

Our vision:
An emerging Africa with a sustainable development.
Our goal long-term is to become the best Council and partner for investment in Africa.

Our values:
Creativity – responsibility – integrity.

Our missions:

-Promoting creativity and innovation
Creativity and innovation are the factors of the development of new technologies and new products. They are the basis of any economic emergence.
Our goal is to develop activities and services to promote these concepts key society, and especially among entrepreneurs.

-Assist companies in their implementation and their strategic development.
Most of our services are designed speed and security in the creation / launching of companies and projects, and their management according to international standards.
Our goal is to ensure companies who will never live with long term partnerships.

-Illuminate the decisions and economic and strategic high-level programs.
We contribute to the establishment of business project that are aligned with our social environment. We seek continuously of custom, new and innovative solutions to deliver an efficient and cost effective services and infrastructure through partnerships between the public sector and the private sector.
With the experience of our team in these two sectors, our goal is to contribute significantly to the process of decision through our rich network and our strong involvement in events to strong impact on economic and social development.

Our assets:

Our main success factor is our deep knowledge and our mastery of the cultural and commercial aspects of the business in Central Africa environment. Moreover, a real passion to deliver quality service allows us to put in places appropriate solutions and long-term for our customers. Our strong experience enables our customers to develop and maintain best practices for their business.

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