Study of customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction has become the key to the survival of enterprises. With the exponential rate of flow of information and changes in consumption patterns resulting, it has become crucial for your business to stay ahead of the competitors present or future,

close or distant in the answers to the following questions:
-Think your customers to your products?
-Are there problems they want you to solve?
-Are there new features, changes, new services they want you add?
-What problems meet your commercial / wholesalers / retailers on the ground?
Earlier you have answers to these questions, you have chances of keeping your market share in even to increase them.

Market study
Before introducing any new product / service in the market, it is necessary to answer a number of questions. Without being exhaustive, questions, whose answers will strongly influence the accompaniment or non-banks, membership or not of a partner, are:
-Are there people or organizations in your environment who can use or use your product / services?
-What specifications prefer
-Are they lend to pay you for it?
-How much are willing to pay?
-Are how?
-Are there other people or organizations that offer the same product or service?
-If Yes, how much are?
-How are they?
The same questions arise when one simply wants to integrate a new market with a known product.

Study of attrition / "churn" of customers
Banks, insurance and other large carriers (telephony for example) use this type of studies to minimize the rate or the risk of attrition (or churning) or loss of customers.
Conservation of a client being lower, costs compared to the costs of acquisition of a new client, the issue here is here to identify which of your customers are likely to leave you, and in such cases those who are worth the effort you invest to keep.
This allows you to develop optimal strategies and little expensive to keep the maximum of clients in your portfolio.

Scoring of customers
The scoring is typically used in the risk analysis clients to bank credits, promotional offers in insurance and many other attractive financial services products.
The scoring is similar to studies on attrition, except that here it seeks to identify good customers who present less risk (non-refundable, non-payment, sinister).
The scoring also allows to determine which of your customers would be more likely to buy an additional product/service (additional sales) or simply respond to a questionnaire or a mail (direct mail).
In the medical field, you can also use this study to determine two methods of treatment, the most effective.

Customer segmentation
A study for customer segmentation used to classify your customers into groups with habits and similar requirements to facilitate their management.
It allows to maximize customer satisfaction while reducing your efforts in each group at least.

Impact assessment
For a campaign for a change in policy, for a change on the product (form, substance, relocation of production, etc.), it is important to assess the impact on clients. This assessment is equally important when it is made EX ANTE or EX POST.

Data mining / exploration / exploitation of databases
The Data mining is the extraction of knowledge, of knowledge and information from a large amount of data by methods scientific and automatic or semi-automatic.  Also known as KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Data bases).
This data is used in business to solve a variety of problems ranging from management of relations, through the management of HR, client in preventive maintenance detection of defects, etc.

Analysis of trends in sets or at the time
Trends analysis will allow you to understand and predict, to anticipate the evolution of certain variables, certain behaviors in a population or in some individuals, in space and in time.
These analyses give aid to decision elements according to the forecasts made on solid models of the evolution of these variables, thereby illuminating the lantern of the decision-maker.

Economic and social studies
We carry out studies on various themes economic and/or social. We have a highly qualified and experienced team.
Our team is supported by a wide range of international consultants who have proven themselves in quite varied areas of statistical, economic and social studies.
The level of complexity of some of these studies enables us to say that whatever the level, the type of study that you need, you're in the right place, you have the ideal partner.

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